World Environment Day 2022: How To Build An Eco-Conscious Kitchen

Sustainability has paved its way, not just in the community or in the culture but your own life, your home and your kitchen as well. Kitchens have always been a prime and most hardworking place in every home. Thanks to the turn of events last two years, the home décor sector has transformed in multiple ways and the consumption behaviour has also gone through a huge shift. With the increase in the discretionary income and emergence of brand-conscious new-age consumers’ attitudes centred on self-care, there has been an apparent shift in how customers engage with brands’ organic products. 

People are now focused on upgrading their houses with elements to amp up the natural lighting and ventilation along with establishing a genuine connection with nature to create comforting spaces and reclaim their roots with the earth. Making environment-friendly choices promotes green living, which is an essential habit to pursue while renovating your home. 

Knowing that green living is becoming increasingly popular, the best place to initiate an eco-friendly journey starts from one’s kitchen – the heart of every home. As quoted by Global Head, Boston Consulting Group ‘Savvy local shops and independent retailers are well placed to serve these conscious consumers and would do well to focus their messaging around the benefit to the community and the planet of shopping local’, hence, a local mindset for shopping is essential. 

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Make your kitchen environment-friendly. 

Echoing this year’s theme of World Environment Day i.e. Only One Earth, listed below are some tips for an eco-conscious kitchen setting – 

Wheat Straws 

Wheat straw is a renewable and sustainable alternative to some solid plastics. It’s a BPA-free and food-grade material that is FDA approved. The material is made from a natural by-product of wheat production called wheat straw. This is extremely safe and healthy for a family, producing sustainable products like – coffee mugs, kids’ lunch box cutlery, etc which are sturdy, unbreakable, appealing, microwave-safe, etc. It is advised to stock such sustainable items in your kitchen which match your kitchen aesthetics and are available in fine quality.  

Vegan leather 

Vegan leather is the result of innovative and sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic. The leather is lightweight and thinner than real leather. This makes vegan leather great for stylish, look-wise. We all have seen steel or ceramic bound designs on the table for coasters but vegan leather coasters sound distinctive and sturdy. To perk up our dining table, bar set-up, coffee lounge, etc, you can buy a classic set of 6 leather coasters with holders. It’s usable for teacups, coffee mugs, water glasses, juice tumblers, beer cans, etc. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an essential sustainable material for various reasons. It is recyclable without compromising the quality. The metal is easier to clean, maintains a high degree of hygiene does not alter the colour or flavors of food and does not release toxic substances which could contaminate it. 

Wooden theme 

The greatest approach to keeping an ecologically friendly kitchen is with a wood-based arrangement. Like how wood-crafted goods are more readily available and promote healthy cooking. These utensils are composed of natural wood, making them safe for you and your family to use. Furthermore, the beautiful wooden touch in your kitchen not only offers an enticing texture but also serves as an excellent approach to achieving a minimalist, uncluttered look. 

Therefore, an eco-conscious step is an ideal way to improve your family’s health while ensuring that the environment stays safe as well. So, your kitchen should be the treasure chest of living! 

About The Author: Vansikha Nahata is the Chief Executive Officer of The June Shop

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World Environment Day 2022: How To Build An Eco-Conscious Kitchen

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