World’s Largest Chicken Nugget: Chef Duo Sets Guinness World Record

Crispy on the outside and juicy from the inside, you can never say no to a bucket full of chicken nuggets! An all-time favourite snack to binge on among non-vegetarians, they are easy to make and utterly divine. While we are used to having our nuggets stacked up in a bucket, this chef duo went one step ahead. Renowned chefs Nick DiGiovanni from the USA and Lynn Davis from Japan have teamed up again and set up a new Guinness World Record – this time for making the world’s largest chicken nugget that weighs over 20 kgs!  

Earlier, the duo had baked the world’s largest cake pop weighing over 44kgs. On Saturday, June 11, 2022, Nick uploaded a YouTube video that showed him along with Lynn cooking a large 20.960-kg chicken nugget in the presence of two food experts and Guinness World Record Adjudicator Clarie Stephens. Take a look at the video: 

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In the video, we first see them tossing 40 slices of bread in a bowl and mashing them all together with half a gallon of milk. They then whisked 40 eggs, followed by seasoning 18kgs of ground chicken with a mix of spices.  Next, they mixed the milk-soaked bread, whisked eggs, and seasoned ground chicken together.  The duo then added the mix in a specially made contraption and coated it with beaten eggs and breadcrumbs using paint brushes. Then, they put the mix in a commercial oven and let it cook for some time. Halfway through the cooking,  they pulled out the chicken nugget and coated it with a final layer of breadcrumb mix before it was cooked again. 

When the chicken nugget was fully cooked, it was inspected and weighed by Clarie Stephens who then declared it as the world’s largest chicken nugget. The cooking video has already garnered over 10 lakh views on YouTube and is going viral on the internet. People are joyous to see the chef duo breaking yet another world record and are showering congratulatory messages on the video. A YouTube user wrote,” Congratulations on the record. I love this duo continuing to break records”. 

What do you think their next world record would be? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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World’s Largest Chicken Nugget: Chef Duo Sets Guinness World Record

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